Introduction to Linkdrop

The core of Linkdrop is Claim Links. These are the links that help you distribute any asset (NFT or ERC-20 tokens) without knowing the address of the receiver. You simply wrap your tokens into unique links using our Dashboard, download these links and share them to your audience. The link includes everything the end user needs to claim the asset, and could also be sponsored, so that he will pay nothing for the transaction. Linkdrop Dashboard allows you to create Claim Links in bulk, wrap them into QR codes or distribute using as single dispensing application. Dashboard-based solutions can help you build sophisticated marketing campaigns for you company or brands. Consider them as one-to-many.

If you are interested in integrating similar flow, but on a peer-to-peer basis, letting your users to create single Claim Links inside your app and share them, please jump to our latest product - P2P SDK

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