Multi-scannable QR code

Guide on creating a Dispenser App, loading it with claim links and sharing in a multi-scannable QR code

A multi-scannable QR code allows you to distribute tokens using just one multi-scannable QR code.

To create such a QR you need first to deploy a Dispenser App. This could be done using our Dashboard and takes less than a minute. Please follow the guide below:

  1. Go to the Dispenser App tab in the side menu

  2. Press "Create New"

  3. Fill in all the required info:

    • Title - give you app a name, it will not be seen to users, but will make it easier for you to identify in among other apps in future

    • Start date and time - enter the day and time your dispenser will start working, before that user will see a note that the campaign is not active yet. Please note that time is set up in UTC+0

    • Duration - how many minutes will users be able to claim an asset from your QR code, after that time the app will be deactivated and users will see a note that campaign is over.

  4. Press Create

  5. Now you can see a link to your dispenser app and a button Download PNG - that will download it as a multi-scannable QR code. You can already share it, but the app will not work and it's not loaded with claim links yet

  6. Create claim links (use this guide as a reference)

  7. Return back to you Dispenser App, in the section "Connect to claim links" on the right side press Upload file, select a CSV file with you Claim Links that you've dowloaded on the final step of creating the claim links. Press Upload.

  8. Now you will see the status of the Dispenser changed to Ready. Once you'd approach to the start time, it will change to active and your users will be able to start claiming your assets!

Misc: in the right corner you can also see a button with three dots, by pressing it, in the dropdown menu you can select edit to edit and update the campaign settings set up in #3

You can load more links to the existing Dispenser by pressing Upload file button once again and uploading a new CSV. Links from the new CSV file will be added to the ones that were uploaded before. You will see the Statistics block update the "Total links" number.


There is an option to redirect to a new Dispenser or any other web link. It is particularly useful if you want to continue distributing tokens once your dispenser is expired (has "finished" status) or if you would like to land users to some web page after your token distribution is over.

To enable redirecting, you need to turn the corresponding toggle button on, add and confirm the redirect link.


There is a block sharing main statistics of your Dispenser:

  • Total links - total links loaded in the dispenser

  • Scanned - links scanned by users

  • Links left - links left in the dispenser (undistributed)

  • Claimed - token claims using dispensed links You can also press "Download report" to download the detailed list of the token claims using your particular Dispenser.

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