Minting 1155 NFTs on Polygon

Minting tokens to distribute

🎥 Screencast:

Linkdrop does not have its own minter. For the example above, I minted with Opensea, but you could use any other minter or your own contract.

After filling all the data and pressing create, you’d have your item created on Opensea. Please note that sometimes the item will not appear in your profile instantly, it can take 2-5 minutes, before you could see it.

Important thing to note - OpenSea uses “lazy” minting, so, until any further blockchain transaction is processed, it won’t exist on blockchain, but only on OpenSea . To really physically mint the item on blockchain - I need to send it to myself to initiate blockchain transaction.

Any transaction will work here, but sending to yourself seems to be the easiest way.

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