Adding batches to campaign

After creating the the campaign, there is a possibility to add more links to the same campaign. To do that you will need to:

  1. Find the campaign in Campaigns section

  2. Press "Manage"

  3. Press "+ Add Batch"

  4. On the "Campaign Setup" and "Claim pattern" steps you will see the same info that you've entered at the initial campaign setup, but you cannot edit any information here. You just need to pres Next to reach "Distribution" step.

  5. On the "Distribution" step you are able to select new tokens to generate links for. You token contract has been already approved, so you just need to select new IDs and press Continue to go to the final step.

  6. Select the extra token adding and preferred wallet options on final step and press Launch campaign button to generate new links and add them as a batch to the campaign.

  7. Once the transaction is mined on the blockchain, you can go back to Campaigns, find your campaign in the list, press Manage and see the added batch in the list with the "Download button next to it"

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