Connecting QRs to claim links

The QRs that you create, are by default not connected to any claim links. So, such QRs should be considered as a container for future claim links, while the links were not yet added. Such QRs will lead to the page stating "QRs not mapped". Connecting QRs (or the proxy links that they're generated from) allows you to switch them to point to the actual claim links. Once your QRs are connected, by scanning them - you will have the claim application opened and can start the claiming process.

Such flow enables you to generate a batch of QRs quickly to start arranging their physical printing and distribution. Meanwhile, you can work on the NFT collection, and when you're ready - create claim links and connect them

  • Prerequisites: create the Campaign, and download the CSV file with links. The quantity of links in the CSV file should be equal to the number of QRs you want to connect them to

  • Press the "Upload file" button in the "Connect to claim links" section. Select the file and press "Upload" on the pop-up screen. If you have uploaded the file in the incorrect format, you will see an alert "Invalid file. File should be downloaded from campaigns page"

Once the QRs are connected, you will no longer be able to change the QR quantity in a set. Users who have those QRs can start claiming tokens.

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