All distribution options

Here you can find the ways you can distribute tokens with Linkdrop

As a result of generating claimable links, you can download a CSV that contains the following columns:

  • Claim codes

  • Claim links

You could use them with the following options of sharing claim experience to your users:

When users will open the page, they will see the input where they need to enter the claim code. If the code is correct, the code is correct, the Continue button will become active and they could go next to claiming the particular NFT that's related to the code

The full link will lead user straight to claiming claiming the particular NFT that's related to the link

3. Share individual QR codes.

You will need to generate QR codes and connect them to your claim links. The connected QR codes lead straight to claiming the particular NFT that's related to the link, the same way as the full link.

Linkdrop QR proxy allows you to generate QRs and start using them before having any NFTs and claim links that you'd like to use that QRs with. This helps to split the process, and connect the claim links to QRs when everything is ready to go. When QRs lead to claim links we call them connected. When QR is newly generated and does not point to any claim link, we call in unconnected. Learn more about connecting QRs to claim links here

All the distribution types do not exclude each other, so you could use multiple ways of distribution at the same time, letting your user choose the most convenient way for him.

Technically, it's not a separate option, but we want you to know how you could use it, because it adds extra flexibility to running a campaign with Linkdrop.

You could use QR manager to generate QR sets. Inside the the particular QRs set, there is always an option not just to download QRs as images, but also "Download (as CSV)" If you press it, you will download a CSV with links that point to proxy. These are the links that the QRs include. You could distribute these links to your users instead of distributing full links if you need the proxy functionality.

By proxy functionality we mean that you can distribute these proxy links right away and take time to prepare the NFT collection and connect it to your links later. Meanwhile, these links will lead to an info web page saying "QR not mapped"

4. Multi-scannable QR code.

With this feature you can distribute your tokens using just one multi-scannable QR code. You can share this QR to your users and let them scan it, the Dispenser Application will dispense a new asset to user.

It's particularly useful for conferences and some public events where you would like to share some commemorative stuff or onboard user to your app.

Learn more how to create a multi-scannable QR code here

Scans are limited by wallets and browsers, however as it's a public way to share assets, a motivated user will be able to overcome these restrictions and claim more than one asset.

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