Using Metamask

If you’d like to claim using MetaMask wallet

To claim your asset with Linkdrop, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the link that you’ve been provided (or scan the QR if you got a QR)

  2. Wait for the NFT preview to load and click “Claim NFT” button

  3. You will see the wallet selection screen

    • Click Use Metamask (a default option)

  4. You will see an alert “Open in “MetaMask”? ”, press “Open” —> you will be forwarded to the to the dApp browser in MetaMask, wait for the dApp to load, you will see the NFT preview and Claim NFT button again

  5. Press “Claim NFT”

    • If your wallet was set to the network that does not appear to be the same network as the NFT that you are about to claim (i.e. wallet set to Mainnet, NFT is on Polygon), you will get a prompt, such as “To get an NFT you need to add Polygon network”

      • Press “Add Polygon” button

      • You will get a prompt from MetaMask “This site would like to switch the network”, press “Switch Network”

      • Wait for the dApp to load

      • Press “Claim NFT” once again

    • If you were on the same network as the claimable NFT (i.e. wallet set to Polygon, NFT is on Polygon too), you will not need this step, and will appear on step 6 right away

  6. You will see “Transaction is processing” screen with loader. You are almost there. Just wait for the blockchain to mine the transaction

    • press “See details on Explorer” to switch to the web page showing the status of transaction on block explorer

  7. When the transaction would be successfully mined, you will see the NFT preview with the text “You claimed NFT” + the button “View token on OpenSea” to check your NFT on OpenSea.

    • You are all set now, proudly owning a new NFT!

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