Distribute NFTs with your logic

We have updated the SDK in Linkdrop V2 to work smooth and in connection with the Dashboard, and you could easily use it to:

  • Trigger claim link generation when you need it

  • Trigger link claim when you need it

How to use SDK:

  1. Create a Campaign and on the Distribution step select SDK

  2. Set up the Campaign following the steps on the Dashboard, and launch it.

  3. The final screen will have all the keys that you need

  4. Head to the SDK Documentation to read how to install the SDK and check out all the available SDK methods. If you’ve installed any other SDKs, it should not take more than 5 minutes. Use the keys that have been generated on the Dashboard.

You can always open your campaign on the Dashboard to check out the keys, and in addition to that, all the link batches and links generated with the SDK will be available for the manual download there as CSVs.

Integrate Linkdrop to your product: build complicated experiences that lead to claim link generation, and then allow your users to claim NFTs whenever you need it. It’s a whole new universe of creativity that we open for you

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