Run NFT based referral invite campaigns

Bring new audience to your product and control its growth

We’ve built the new flow, originally for Zerion, and now available for anyone by request. The main idea is that you provide your users with invite links that are Linkdrop claim links that allow them to claim NFTs, and then these users:

  • receive some perks or access from you product based on token-gated mechanics

  • get their own invites they could share, engaging new users

Prerequisites for you to build such ccampaign are the following:

  • You have a whitelist of addresses to start the invite campaign

  • You have the NFTs that could be used with Linkdrop Dashboard (mostly any standard contract or the custom one that support mint pattern if that's the case)

  • You can build some token-gated experience on your own, granting users any kind of perks

If everything above fits your case, then the following steps would be needed to run the campaign:

  1. You generate Claim Links via Linkdrop Dashboard, collect a whitelist of addresses, manually drop those two files to us as CSVs

  2. You use our Invite API to retrieve Claim Links and display them in your interface, along with the claim statuses, i.e. 3 invites per address

  3. Every address who claims the NFT also gets his own 3 (or N) invites, enabling the exponential growth of participants. This does not require any actions on your end, as we track the claims and add new users to the whitelise utilizing the hook that we've built.

  4. NFT owner connects to your platform and grabs his perk, in case of Zerion it was Extension access (not built by Linkdrop).

The Dashboard no-code interface for this feature is currently in progress and going to be live in the upcoming months, but we have already built this flow for a few clients and can easily support it by request

Contact us to build an effective and engaging invite campaign!

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