Supported networks

Here are few tips for you to choose the optimal network for

Polygon is Ethereum layer 2, it works on Matic tokens and transactions there are practically free compared to Mainnet. Users still use their standard Ethereum address, but have to add Polygon network. At the claim, Linkdrop flow would suggest this action itself.

Even popular NFT collections such as Bored Apes & CoolCats do their drops to users on Polygon, as Mainnet would require too much expensive gas to pay for.


Mainnet mostly describes itself. It’s the most popular & all high volume bluechip NFT collections are on it. But for marketing reasons and building audiences from scratch, its transaction prices are wild and painful.

Although, claimable links on Mainnet could still come in handy for:

  • gifting items to other people

  • some low volume premium campaigns, where you need to distribute items

  • you could also decide to distribute your whole NFT collection with Linkdrop!

  • any other OG cases for those of your who don’t count ETH

Please refer to Polygon guide as the process is basically the same, with 2 differences: you have to be connected to Mainnet network & sponsorship pricing will be in ETH (please also refer to Pricing section here)

Please note: Only generating 100 links per campaign max could currently be done with our web interface. If you need more than that, you’d require a subscription (please contact us at

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