Sponsorship nuances

Sponsorship allows you to pay gas for the transaction instead of user, that enables a better conversion to claim because receiving the token becomes totally free for end user.

To enable sponsorship, you should select this option when setting up a campaign. The fixed amount per link will be secured from your wallet to cover gas. Usually it's 0.3 MATIC or 0.02 ETH depending on the network, but that amount can change dynamically because of the state of the network, so you could see the exact amount in the summary when creating links. Below are a few specific cases related to sponsorship that we want you to know about

Sponsoring only works for the gas price below 150 gwei

As the amount that you secure to sponsor each link is fixed, we can only provide sponsoring the transactions when gas price is below 150 gwei.

If the price is more than that (usually happens when there are some price surges caused by some popular drop or other extraordinary market activity) the user will see a special warning, suggesting him to wait until the price will go back down, or to cover the gas himself. When the user decides to cover gas himself, he will need to initiate the transaction and pay for it as if it was not a sponsored one

Unused tokens secured for sponsorship can be refunded

If some of the links were not claimed and you want to stop the campaign, you can refund the assets secured for those unclaimed links. For more details on how to do that please refer here

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