Viewing and generating QRs

Please view this guide for a general instruction on how to generate QR codes

Below you could find details that could be confusing:

Reading the list of created QR sets

"Not uploaded" means that QRs (and the proxy links that they're generated from) were not connected to the claim links. Such QRs should be considered as a container for future claim links, while the links were not yet added. QRs will lead to the page stating "QRs not mapped" "Uploaded" means that QRs (and the proxy links that they're generated from) were successfully connected to the claim links. If you scan such a QR code - you will open the claim application and can start the claiming process.

Status column shows the status of the QR codes

The status could be manually set using the dropdown on the particular QR set page. Status mainly serves as a note for you to distinguish different QR sets, and does not affect any logic, except the fact that once you select "Sent to printer" and further statuses, you will not be able to change the amount of QRs in a set (the button will be deactivated. You could still select the status back to do it though.

Downloading QRs

Downloading as images.

Press Download button, select the desired size. Size refers to the possible printing output with minimal loss in quality, that means if you select 2 inch, you should be able to print such QRs in a good quality in a actual size not larger than 2 inches. Maximum size is limited by 5 inches.

Press Download as CSV to download a file with a list of proxy links instead the QR code images. These are the links that we turn to QR codes when you select to download QRs as images. They could be used for distribution themselves. See Distribution for more details

Connecting QR codes

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