Using CSV to add tokens

Instead of adding each token ID manually using the inputs in the interface, you could add IDs by uploading the CSV file Instead.

Blank CSV file to use

The blank CSV file that you could fill can be downloaded below:




The file has one row with titles. Keep this line, and add your IDs below.

(titles for ERC1155 token standard)

Token ID,Token amount,Links amount

(titles for ERC721 token standard)

Token ID

(titles for ERC20 token standard)

Token amount,Links amount

Example of the correctly filled file with IDs

For the ERC1155 token IDs

Token ID,Token amount,Links amount
1222, 1, 10
1223, 5, 10
1714, 1, 10
1715, 1, 10

Token amount stands for number of 1155 token copies which you would like to include in each link

Link amount is the overall number of links you would like to generate for the particular token ID

So, in the example above, for the token with ID 1223, you will generate 10 links, with 5 copies in each link. Totally 50 copies of this token ID will be distributed.

For the ERC721 token IDs

Token ID

For the ERC721 token IDs, simply fill each line of the CSV with the token ID you’d like to include

For the ERC20 tokens

Token amount,Links amount
0.1, 10
1, 15

Token amount stands for the amount of token distributed in each link

Links amount is the overall number of links you would like to generate

So, in the example above, you will generate 10 links with 0.1 token in each link, and 15 links with 1 token in each link. Totally 16 tokens will be distributed in 25 links.

Making sure you’ve uploaded the CSV correctly

After uploading the correctly filled CSV, links will appear in the interface the same way as if the were input manually, i.e.:

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