Getting crypto to start

Polygon campaigns

Buying and bridging Matic to Polygon

In order to proceed you’d require to have some Matic tokens on your account, and have them transferred to Polygon network.

You could purchase Matic on a decentralized exchange here: After purchasing, you would have Matic on the Mainnet, and you would still have to transfer it to Polygon.

Basically you’d need to go to, connect to your wallet on Mainnet, select tokens (Matic) to bridge, and initiate transactions.

Here you could find a pretty decent guide on how to bridge tokens to Polygon, if you’re experiencing problems:

Please note: If you don't have any tokens, you could buy Matic straight at, but be sure to have on Polygon network and transferred to your non-custodial wallet such as Metamask to be able to use our Dashboard

Ethereum mainnet campaigns

If you prefer Ethereum Mainnet,you will just need Ether. Just head to to buy some ETH there.

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