Setting up a campaign

The general guide on how to create links

The V2 Dashboard is pretty straightforward, we tried to make the interface as simple as we could, excluding confusion on each step. You can also view this video guide for 1155 tokens on Polygon as an example, and read a few notes below, describing some settings that could be complicated to understand.

Minding the network

All the data that you will see on the further steps will correspond to and validate according to the network of the wallet that you've used to connect to the dashboard. Please make sure that you've connected on desired network. Currently we support Polygon and Mainnet. Read more about networks here.

Contract selection (step 1)

On this step you need to give a name to your campaign and select the type of the tokens and the contract (equals to collection for NFTs) that you'd like to distribute. First, select the correct tab - NFTs or Tokens. If you have selected NFTs, you will see a input with dropdown. You can simply click on the dropdown to see a list of collections that you can create the links for (the ones you own) and the quantities of tokens that you own within a particular collection.

You can also start typing the contract name directly into the input, this you will start searching through the collections and collections shown in the dropdown will change. If you cannot find the collection in the dropdown list, you can type in manually. As soon as you will reach the 42 symbols, the collection address in the dropdown will change from grey to black and you will be able to click on it to add. If you have selected Tokens, you will see an input. You can paste in the contract address of the ERC-20 token that you would like to distribute. In example, if you would like to distribute USDC tokens on Ethereum, the address will be 0xA0b86991c6218b36c1d19D4a2e9Eb0cE3606eB48

Claim pattern

Mint or transfer.

For most use cases you would need to have your NFTs preminted and exist on blockchain to use Linkdrop and create links. This way during the claim process, tokens will be transferred from your account to the account of receiver. Such claim pattern is the most basic and used one and is called "Transfer ". We recommend it, because it's best fit to create zero-coding experiences. There is also an option to use "Mint" pattern. It is suitable for advances users who can create their NFTs deploying their own contract. This way, your NFTs will not be pre-minted, but can be minted at claim, when user will follow the claim link.

Mint pattern is only available for subscription plans. To use mint patterm please refer to Mint pattern requirements and contact us.


Manual or SDK.

For all the DIY cases you'd like to choose manual. In case you would like to automate link creation and claiming, integrating Linkdrop into your product, head to the SDK section to learn more about it.

Gasless claiming

One of the great features of Linkdrop is that users could claim NFTs to the empty totally new wallets, because our proxy contract can initiate the transaction and cover gas costs. We call it "gassless claiming" or sponsorship. If you would prefer your links to be sponsored, you need to checkmark it. In the brackets you'd see the total amoint that will be secured from your wallet to support sponsorship.

Read important details concerning gasless claiming (sponsorship) here

Filling token IDs

ERC1155 tokens

There is a dropdown that shows all the tokens that you own and their quantities.

Select the token in dropdown, click on it and it will be added with all copies of the token selected, 1 copy per link, in example:

To change the quantity - press on Edit and enter the number of tokens that you'd like to distribute. To delete the token from the campaign press the trash bin icon You can add different tokens with selected quantities within a single campaign.

There is also an option to "Select all" - by pressing this button, the dashboard will automatically add all tokens with all available quantities. However, please note, that in this case only 100 recently used tokens and their available copies will be added.

ERC 721 tokens

There is a dropdown that shows the last 100 tokens of the contract that you own. Select the token in dropdown, click on it and it will be added. There is also an option to "Select all" - by pressing this button, the dashboard will automatically add 100 recently used tokens.

Please contact us at if you would like to use more than 100 tokens to upgrade your plan

ERC 20 tokens

There are 2 inputs on each line, the first one stands for token amount, the second one for the number links you would like to generate with such amount of tokens Here is an example:

Token amountNumber of links



If I use the settings above, I will have total of 10 links generated. Each link will allow to claim 0.1 of selected token.

To learn more about differences between token types on Ethereum (and EVM-based blockchains), please read here.

You can also add links uploading a CSV. Please refer to this guide to use this option

It's a misc feature that you can see on the final screen of creating a campaign or a link batch. The entered amount will be included as an extra to each link that you create. I can be added to links of any token types (ERC1155,ERC721 or ERC20) In example, you have created 10 links on Polygon for the ERC721 tokens, and then in the input "MATIC to include" in the end, you enter "0.5". A the campaign launch, you will also be secured an extra 5 MATIC (for 10 links) When the end user will follow one of the links that you have created, he will receive: 1 NFT + 0.5 MATIC

Preferred wallet

This setting affects the way the claim application will look for user. In the claim application, when user decides to recevie the token by connecting a wallet, he should press "Connect" button to see all options and a list of wallets he could use. The wallet that has been selected as preferred during link creation, will be shown on the first place in the app, and will also have a "recommended" label. It's a good way to suggest your audience to use specific wallet of your choice for the claim. Some wallets may have better onboarding and you might want to select them as preferred ones, to let your new-to-crypto audience install the one faster and onboard easier. Please note, that all other claiming options will be still available in the same way, this feature only affects the order.

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